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What a difference a Mustang seat can make on your motorcycle and the entire Mustang line is offered through Cli-MAX Riding Gear. Mustang seats manufacture replacement seats from the the ground up for Harley Davidson, Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha and are known for their long haul comfort and styling that never grows old. Motorcycle seats are made up of three essential parts: the baseplate, the foam and the cover (sometimes these are also referred to as the pan, the cushion and the top).

Before describing these three layers of a seat, you should know that some aftermarket or custom seat makers may use one or more parts of the original (stock) seat rather than actually provide you with all-new components. For instance, many custom seat shops simply take your stock seat off your bike (or you send it in) and recover it with a different cover or try to reshape the existing foam, just as an upholstery shop would. But for the large number of riders who do not find their stock seat comfortable, the best solution is a new seat “from the bottom up.”

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